About me

My name is Tres, I am a husband and father who loves to play with toy soldiers. Building, Painting, and playing. I love it all, and I’m happy to share my passion with anyone willing to listen. 

How it all started

When I was thirteen, my fascination with miniature wargames began thanks to two of my closest friends. It all kicked off with Battlemasters, a game crafted by Games Workshop in partnership with Milton Bradley in 1992. Being drawn to fantasy settings from an early age, the game’s battle mat, diverse terrain, orcs, chaos knights, cannons, and an array of models immediately captivated me. From the moment I began maneuvering plastic models on the battlefield mat, my passion for playing with miniatures took root.

Following that initial introduction, I found myself eagerly requesting, be it for birthdays or holidays, either a set of models or funds to acquire them.

Fast forward 27 years, and I am still immersed in the world of miniature gaming, pushing figures across intricate battlefields. While the friends I started with are still a part of my life, I’ve also gained new companions with whom I share my love for miniature games. My interests in various gaming systems have fluctuated over the years, experiencing highs and lows, yet the fascination has remained a constant in my life.

Now, with my own family, I’m thrilled to see my son expressing interest in the same aspects of miniature gaming that I cherish. It’s not only gratifying to have someone under my roof with whom I can share my hobby but also to envision a potential lifelong gaming companion in my own son.

Why I love the Hobby

Playing games with friends, painting miniatures, and meeting new people are some of my favorite things to do outside of spending time with my family. 

Playing table top games of any kind and painting are my favorite ways to unplug from life. Professionally, I sit in front of a screen for work for so many hours of the day. Because of this, I love putting on some music or an audiobook and painting the evening away. 

My Favorite Games

Here is a list of some of my favorite games I’m currently playing in the form of links to where you can buy them!